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Why Vertical Garden
In Trend

  • Help in heat absorption and control the temperature of an area.
  • Clean interior-air space by removing VOCs and other harmful toxin like benzene and formaldehyde.
  • Reduces urban heat island effect and smog.
  • Acts as sound proofing barrier.
  • Insulates and cools the building envelop.
  • Creates Habitats for birds and beneficial insects, increasing biodiversity.
  • Cleans Outside air of pollutants, dust and offsets the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions.


Oxywall is green wall & vertical garden system start by As plants guru we have been delivered more than 40k orders online in every corner of India in a very short span. “Oxywall” is derived from oxygen and wall, a wall which can provide us fresh oxygen and help to reduce Air pollutions like co2 and VOCS from air. Our skilled team have years of experience in designing and building green walls that sustainable and durable in any environment. Oxywall is an automatically-watered, durable, sustainable vertical garden system whether they are installed inside or outside a home or office. Green wall minimize heating and cooling costs and promote healthy environment to breath fresh.

Where we come from? Oxywall is product of an e-commerce online nursery, where we get so many requirements for planted living wall or green wall after that our team has been searched for solution and find a way that is called Oxywall.

We are on green mission to provide cost effective, sustainable and durable green wall system that called Oxywall. We are providing green wall system that create healthy environment whether inside or outside house. Green wall reduce energy required for heating and cooling. Mostly we use Air purify plants recommend by NASA researched for green wall or Oxywall so that it filter out air pollutions like Co2 and VOCs from inside air and increase oxygen level. An indoor vertical garden and outdoor vertical garden can contribute to stress relieve, well being, peaceful and improved air quality.

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