what is pp pot vertical garden?

Pot Vertical Garden: Most common method used in India for developing Green Wall or Vertical Garden or Living Wall. For making Green Wall generally 6X18 inches PP(polypropylene) frame used, which having 3 detachable planter. polypropylene frame mount on aluminum structure or directly on wall. Irrigation dippers fix in each planter so that plants can take equal water, digital irrigation system is also available which operate by mobile app. PP Pot Vertical Gardening start from 600INR/Sq.ft. OxyWall having years of experience in developing and maintaining Green Wall or Live Wall.

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Pot Vertical Garden

green wall frame & planter

  • These frame and planters are made from polypropylene material.
  • Single frame size is 6X18 inch, where we can set three planters and detach easily from frame.
  • we can detach single planter while doing replacement of plant or maintaining like fertilization.
  • Frame can be fixed directly on house wall or MS iron structure or aluminum structure.
  • Frame and planters are available in many colors like black, green an d come with 5 year warranty.
  • Mostly we used black color planters and they are easily available every where.

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